Prior Authorizations 

Let us handle the business side of caring.

The more time your staff spends dealing with prior authorizations, the less time they are able to spend caring for your patients. 

So let us work with the insurance companies, instead. Our experienced and professional team can take the hassle – and the stress – off your staff.

With Pharmacy Specialty Group on your side, you can improve your team’s productivity, contain costs and avoid issues with medication availability. Most important of all, you can ensure that your residents are getting the attention and the care they deserve.

Patient centric. Cost conscious.

Our team has years of experience working with insurance companies and a successful track record of getting medications approved. If for some reason we are unable to obtain approval, we will contact you immediately to discuss viable alternatives.

We also understand that budgets are tight. So, we will work with you to set cost thresholds. If a medication is below that amount, we will send it immediately. If it is above the threshold, we will contact you on the best ways to proceed.

Rest assured, under our watch, expensive medications will never arrive at your facility without your knowledge.




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