Medication Reduction 


A novel approach to reducing patient medications.

Our goal is to improve the health and safety of the individual, while saving both patients and providers money. To achieve this objective, we’ve developed a proprietary program that enables us to reduce medication usage and costs.


Helping facilities work smarter.

By utilizing our unique medication reduction program, we are able to help facilities cut unnecessary costs, so they can enhance patient care in other areas.  

Facilities can experience:

  • Faster admission orders
  • Reduced pharmacy costs and lower per diems for skilled patients
  • Reduced Med Pass time for nurses
  • Improved quality of care
  • Improved quality measures with CMS


Helping patients feel better.

Time and time again, our approach has been shown to enhance outcomes for patients. By eliminating unnecessary medications, we can help improve their overall health and feeling of well-being.

 Patients can experience:

  • Fewer adverse drug events
  • Fewer rehospitalizations
  •  Improved quality of life




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