Discharge Solutions

When residents are discharged,

our work has just begun.

Through our partnership with Accudose Pharmacy,  we can ensure that patients have their medications in convenient multi-dose packaging prior to their release from the nursing facility.

By working  hand-in-hand with discharge planners and care coordinators, Accudose simplifies the transition so patients can continue their care at home.

Additionally, Accudose pharmacists keep in touch with patients to ensure proper ongoing usage. They maintain communication with patients on a monthly basis to answer questions, make adjustments and alleviate any concerns.

  • The program and delivery are free to both the facility and the patient. The patient is responsible for their normal co-pays
  • Nurses save time by not having to call the patient’s community pharmacy
  • Patients and caregivers do not have to worry about finding transportation to the pharmacy
  • Proven to increase medication compliance and decrease rehospitalizations.





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Pharmacy Specialty Group

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